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.... I remember waking to another soul-draining cold morning, lifting my swollen eye lids, 

I knew I'd hit the wall with my hang-over of despair. 

Staring up at the colorless ceiling, I wondered, 

 "Is this all there is to my life?  

A hot flushed sensation rose on my skin and my angry eyes... 

I felt trapped and hopeless. 

  My 20 plus years in my re-marriage experience … where over time, in struggle for marital connection, what 

 revealed was a requirement to emotionally ask for less and less - which left me feeling invisible, devalued and spiritually empty.  

And the option of leaving carried such a weighty self-judgment, it didn't feel like an option, at all. 

Each day for years, I'd recommitted to be more, give more,  try harder...

 I just couldn't bear the thought of another "perceived" relationship failure.

I remember thinking , (at 56)… "you've made your bed Chris, now you'll die in it".

Fortunately my soul's loving Source opened my eyes to another way

  A medical exam and tests to rule out Cancer woke me up

 In the very moment I felt closer to physical death my heart opened to how much I wanted to live.  Full stop.  

 In that moment of awareness,  I committed to my-Self to turn my life around.  

I leaped into the fire of fear with action to affect a powerful positive change.  

Bringing forth my warriorette-hearted energy.

With a plan, I initiated my divorce process

 and ignited my educational and experiential journey becoming a Certified Life & Relationship Coach. 

Over time, I manifested a re-engaged positive life, and in time- my beloved life partner. 


Life forward was not without challenging situations, 

however, newly inspired and awake - I embraced the rich invitations to practice 

mindfulness, loving-kindness, forgiveness, resilience and self-compassion. 

Life felt sweet, promising and full again

Then out of the blue

as happens in the dynamic unpredictability 

of "real life"

 – bam!! 

… betrayal crashed into my wonderful world

 & my 5 years-in loving 

committed relationship.

And the excruciating dilemma of what to do next

 and what (I believed)  this said "about ME" pressed profoundly upon me.

I soon found my heartbreak of betrayal and the life consequences hooked to it - were so painfully heavy 

- I couldn't recover my capacity just to breath, relax, focus, think or feel normal - again.

 No matter how much I worked and committed to rise, forgive and move forward,

I stayed stuck in the cycle of pain.


All I wished was to escape the totally consuming heart-break

 that sat upon my chest like a big scary intruder hooked into my Being. 

How had I come to this place of unhappiness and broken-hearted-ness - "again"? 

Especially after I had given so much of myself - eyes wide open. 

What could I do now to free my wounded heart from this triggered cage of pain? 

Where was my life experienced blind-spot?

If I wanted to stay and try to forgive him -

 How would I even begin to integrate this and maintain my integrity with my Self and my life? 

Although I still loved him... how could I ever know for sure 

whether leaving or staying would be the right choice? 

What would it take to rebuild and reignite my energy for Joy & Love?

How could I ever TRUST him again?


Hello Sweet Friend...

I'm Christine..

I'm a certified Life & Relationship Women's Empowerment Coach,

 and an experienced "Heart-Warrior" positively transformed after personal betrayal - 

who found a Path to BECOME more Resilient, Joy-filled and Alive with Love - 

beyond the pain that can come in relationships enduring life's toughest experiences.  

And I want to help YOU to do the same.

To learn to Thrive and feel Alive with Love going forward.

My new book,  a #1 Best Seller 

  “roots of forgiveness - 

Find Freedom to Heal in Your Marriage After Betrayal"

is honed from my personal journey through and beyond betrayal

-to genuinely forgive, build resilience, heal and create a new Love relationship

Regardless of whether YOUR best decision is to STAY OR GO - YOU have Power of CHOICE.

What I found was freedom to renew my love of life. 

To journey the path of my power of choice to forgive and renew love with my partner. 

Whatever your choice - my 8 essential elements offer an exploratory powerful path forward - for You.  

It is my Love Letter to You. 

As YOUR Life Coach, I offer you 

a unique coaching program of ongoing support for positive self-development & change

to empower & inculcate you with skills beyond the elements of my book -

 to continue to find and profoundly cultivate your freedom

 to rebuild, heal, choose and once again Love Your relationship & life.  

IF this is YOU, my friend....


If YOU have been wounded, burned by betrayal in relationships

  and long for freedom to heal the wounds that trigger you everyday, I can help  you. 

If you feel shamed, anxious, irritated and emotionally imprisoned, I can help you 

If YOU are ready to reclaim yourself, find Inner Peace and build Spirit Grit 

and live YOUR best most happy wholehearted life.

 I can help you rise to that.

If YOU are longing for freedom from the emotional cage of suffering, 

sadness, fear, anger, uncertainty or resentment and 

YOU are ready to rise  with a resilient empowered loving heart, 

with Your Warrior’s Heart to Thrive beyond the Wounds you feel light, joy, grace, radiant LOVE. 

Then, I invite you to Hop on a Call with me and let’s explore if 

 working with me is a fit for YOU.

 Together, let's empower Your Dream

 – of Healing, Love, Peace, Ease and Happiness

 - to come True.  

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Freedom from the Hook OF Not Enough.


When your husband or partner, or a friend - betrays you and breaks your heart - you may think it's because YOU'RE NOT ENOUGH.  

Well, what IF.... the truth is... 


Well,  the fact that you hold that THOUGHT, at all,  is a great place to begin.. 

Let's explore and uncover the limiting beliefs that

 hold you imprisoned in a state of feeling "less". 

You can become the best version of Yourself.

You can live your life with intention, purpose, resilience and love. 

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Learn how to heal after betrayal, or other painful life experiences - empower your broken heart to mend, transform your pain into a life enriching 

self-evolution and free yourself of fear... 

So YOU can live, breath, feel happy and love again. 

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Christine Elizabeth Leon - Life & Relationship Coach

"Thrive with a Warrior's Heart"