Do you want to feel lighter, loved & radiantly confident?

5 things I know About YOU


1) You're a truly amazing, brilliant, on-the-go woman. Busy giving so much to your marriage, family, friends and work -  but  in the "doing" of everything for everyone, you  now realize you've lost sight of yourself.  You can't see your own brilliance anymore. You've lost yourself. 

2) You still love your man through the pain of the betrayal, but while you aren't sure if this is mendable, you are equally sure you want to try. But you worry, "Oh my goodness, will this pain stay with me forever? Is joy, laughter, happiness ever possible again?"

3) You hesitate to talk to anyone about your "event" of betrayal because the popular opinion is :  "leave him, it's the only way to take back your self-worth".  You feel shame, guilt, anger and despair all at once - even though you did nothing wrong. 

4) You can't imagine your future or that of your family without him, yet you are so mad you secretly wish he'd die, or you'd die or someone would die. Or maybe you wish you could be someone else or anywhere, but who and where you are right now.

5) You feel hopeless, isolated, worthless and wonder if you had just been "more" of what he wanted - whatever that is - maybe this may not have happened. Or if you'd paid more attention or been smarter - maybe you could have stopped it.

Dear one, 

I assure you - these are a few of the very normal feelings and thoughts after betrayal … but consider this... YOU CAN FEEL DIFFERENTLY.


You are enough. You are amazing and brilliant. You've just forgotten that. And no, you couldn't have stopped it.  

Imagine Life is FOR you. Imagine that experiences, positive and negative, are opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. 

This is the DIFFERENCE YOU can experience.

So let's explore what's here for you

on your journey from empowered healing to a resilient & joyful Warrior's Heart. 

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Resilience to Joy Coaching Program



There are 8 essential elements

 to transformational healing & joyful strength

- to FEEL safe, loved and grounded 


Radiantly Confident.

You deserve to regard yourself as brilliant, giving, loyal, loving, successful. 

Betrayal and other wounds in life (i.e. divorce, loss of loved one, loss of job, etc.) can rob you of the confidence you once felt connected to in that positive self-regard.

Has your ability to "feel" joy or "happy"  been buried or sealed up by wounds of life? 

What if you could re-connect to a deeper Self-love, achieve clarity of choice, and positive healing and strength - first, with yourself, and then, in your relationship - starting from "right where you are"? 


My Resilience to Joy Coaching program is designed uniquely around each person as we uncover their desired "dream come true" experience - to discover the best Version of themselves, their relationships and their life. 

My coaching program involves a committed 12 week program of weekly, one-on-one sessions with a built-in support system between sessions to empower your 

personal growth.

Together we dive into the 8 essential elements and beyond. 

Cultivating Your Path to 

a resilient Warrior's Heart of Love & Joy.

"Rising to Thrive with a Warrior's Heart"   is my coaching program ethos. 

The core meaning of which is to build and broaden your capacity to address life's experiences, from an unshakeable and deeply rooted awareness of who you are and your own brilliant and loving personal power. 

 The program is designed is to build and broaden your capacity to engage Life through a grounded core of self-love, compassion, resilience, spirit-strength and joy. 

With this as our North Star - Schedule a Free Call and Let's explore together a coaching plan for your courageous journey to BECOME the Best Version of YOU.

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V.I.P. Immersion Day


YOUR V.I.P. Immersion Day

 is designed to be an intensive 1 Day, 

"deep dive" package "break-through" experience for brilliant women - just like you - who want to jump-start their healing journey.


Each V.I.P. Immersion Day is front-loaded with 2 (50 minute) sessions prior to 

your 4 hour V.I.P. intensive day 

guided through a fully immersed 

one-on-one focused coaching experience with Christine, igniting personal discovery 

and empowering insights.

It quickly identifies:

1) What's working and how to create more of that.

2) What's blocking your full spectrum of happiness, love and joy - which is your birthright.

3) An individual program designed to begin the journey to the Best Version of Yourself.

V.I.P. Days  are designed and tailored to fit the individual vision of each V.I.P. ...You. 

You are amazing and brilliant.

 A very important person just as you are. 

And Yet  -Do you ever feel like you have forgotten this?

Life is FOR you. 

Imagine that experiences, positive and negative, are opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. 

The V.I.P. Immersion Day experience is designed to ignite this new awareness and create a more powerful Self view. You will feel... lighter, brighter, calmer and stronger.... with an increased capacity for Joy.

So let's explore what's here for you

on your journey from empowered healing to happy. 

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a V.I.P. Immersion Day is a fit for YOU. 

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from C.P. Attorney at Law, Feb. 2019:

"I was quite fearful of change in my life. After meeting with Chris, I realized I could think of the future not in terms of change, but in terms of personal evolution and growth, emotionally and spiritually.  Her ability to capture the essence ....."

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