What They Say

What They Say....

 "Christine is a magical combination of a beautifully open heart and a toolbox filled with amazingly transformative insights. She lovingly holds space, listens carefully and starts right where you are. Then step by step, she gently, and matching your style of processing, guides you to a new way of being-a way that allows you to reconnect with the deepest part of your essence, that part that you lost sight of along the way. Christine is more than a coach- she is a reassuring witness, reminding you of the magic of who you really are. I recommend her highly, if you want to reconnect with yourself and find new ways of being that allow you to experience joy and love again."

Laurie M.

Artist, Coach, Entrepreneur


" I cannot say enough about Christine and her coaching.  I met her at a period when I had “lost myself” and my confidence and was looking for help in re-finding or re-establishing “me”. All I can say is it was all meant to be.  I heard her speak one afternoon at an event and I was open to her message and our journey began. She is enthusiastic and never judging. She always challenges me to look one step deeper for a different meaning or the potential to see something in a different light.  She emits love and light and helped me realize I emit and am the same.  Her warmth and openness in sharing her own self helps make you comfortable to be truly open and honest with her and one’s own self and really get to your own truth. I could continue rambling on. However I’ll just say that I am in a much better place now after meeting and working with Christine.  She is a wonderful warm and loving human being and is a fantastic coach.I recommend her without reservation to any and all!!! "

Anne E.


Bay Area California

 “Christine is an extremely high-energy, fully credentialed, and remarkably effective expert in the field of life coaching. In short, she is one of those uniquely talented coaches who can quickly take you from good to great, and from great to extraordinary. Each contact with her will leave you measurably more capable than before, and have you coming back for more. Regardless of how you may see yourself now, she will help you discover how much better you can be, and how to go after it in an achievable way. What she brings is all about getting a grasp on your personal potential, and then acting on it practically, in a way that can exponentially increase your personal productivity. She's the best. It's as simple as that.”

Steve F.

Ret. USA Army Col., Ranger

Dir.County of Santa Clara 


 “Christine has excellent communication and listening skills. She is easy to talk to and I felt comfortable with her.  I had never talked to someone like Chris. She is very skilled at drawing out my own thoughts by asking me all the right questions. Thoughts that helped me improve...my relationship.  I’ve seen counselors but quit after a few sessions because I didn’t feel any better and I didn’t feel the genuine interest. I could tell. With Chris I could tell she really cared about what I was going through. After talking to Chris I felt relieved like a huge weight had been lifted from my back. I realized I had the answers to all the questions I just needed the right coach! I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone who has ever felt lost, stuck or has ever thought of seeking help to just sort your life.”

Adriana S.
Hair Stylist, Artist

Santa Cruz, CA

“Chris is a natural coach. She listens deeply and then offers what she hears back in a way that encourages me to explore myself in an authentic, transparent way.  She then goes on to work with me in order to create my own increased inner awareness and a deep mindful way of being.  She is direct, honest and beautifully compassionate.  I feel safe yet always challenged to go deeper in order to connect with my real self and step into a life of incredible awareness, freedom and joy. I fully trust her and in doing so hold nothing back.  It is that raw truth that fuels her to do her best work.  I have grown and transformed in so many ways and I am blessed to be a part of her life. “

 Lisa W.
RN, Coach, CPC

Richmond, CA

"I was impressed by how young she looked at the first sight and was surprised by her real age. I was impressed by how passionate she was at the recent contact and was inspired by what she had achieved. My lips can be easily lifted when talking with her, and my dark night can be easily lit up by her life wisdom. The more I know her, the more charming she is, and the more I know why."

Lily Y. 

Trainer, Coach, Consultant 

BMW - Beijing, China


"I was quite fearful of change in my life. After meeting with Chris, I realized I could think of the future not in terms of change, but in terms of personal evolution and growth, emotionally and spiritually.  Her ability to capture the essence of experiences, and to so deftly touch upon the essentials, inspires trust. That in itself has helped me feel more confident to move beyond that figure who seeks to disappear anywhere, everywhere, to absorb herself into a canvas, so to speak. I loved the experience she offered, the challenge and the JOY of that day. Chris's intensity and dedication creating such a unique opportunity for self-reflection opened my mind and heart, to try each day to be my best self, not one limited by fear.   The impression of the day has stayed deep within me, her questions and direction offered, her guidance.  ... a beautiful day that nudged me, so sweetly but so assuredly, into a calmer, happier place. "  

C. P. 


Bay Area, California

February 2019