"roots of forgiveness" My Love Letter to You

Because relationships can become very messy & painful and the first answer isn't always to quit.

What if you want another way...

How many times have you heard a friend advise another to “dump ‘em, divorce, move-on” once betrayal is discovered? 

What if you don’t want to end your marriage?

Despite your everyday feelings of anger and pain – you know that you’re not ready to give up. You still see reasons to stay. 

If this resonates with you, roots of forgiveness is written for you. 

Certified Life and Relationship Coach Christine Elizabeth Leon guides you through eight elements to ignite healing in your relationship and build resilience to create the LIFE of Joy you desire. 

She created these steps by learning from her own personal journey, her background in psychology, and her life-coaching practice.  

In Christine's book you will learn:

  • How to handle the powerful urge for revenge
  • The truth about why it’s not your fault
  • How to unlock your cage of fear and open to self-loving energy with clarity
  • How to decide whether to stay or whether to go - the power of choice
  • How to manage the breakdown moments when things still trigger you
  • How to not get eaten by the “Green-Eyed Monster”
  • How you and your marriage will never be the same…and why that’s a very good thing! 
  • How to know whether the changes you are making are for yourself or to keep him
  • How this moment is an opening to your own powerful transformational awakening

Are you ready to begin healing your heart? 

Can you envision yourself healing the heart of your marriage after betrayal?

Perhaps, you aren't quite sure.  

Well, wherever you are in this storm of relationship crisis, I can help.

And here are some juicy options: 

1)  Contact Christine by clicking the "I'm Ready!" button to the right & she will schedule a call to explore where you are right "now" & how Christine can support you forward. With that "discovery call" - You will be sent a FREE signed Copy.  ( psst...Hurry-  Best Option!! This won't last forever. )

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Note from Christine:

Dear Friend, The Choice for your Life is YOURS - but I invite you to ask yourself one question: 

What do YOU end-up with if you DON'T choose a Self-Loving and Self-Empowering option?

... and What does that even mean for you? 

I'm here to explore that with you when you are READY!  :)  NOW is the most important moment. 

Choose to Show-up for yourself with love. 



* The Audio version of "roots of forgiveness" will be available mid- 2019. 

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* Morgan James Publishing, New York, in January 2019,  officially signed with Christine to publish her printed Book. With plans to launch into book stores on December 10th 2019!!!  Wanna be on her Launch TEAM?? Click the orange button to the right and Email her & receive her Thank YOU - a free signed book!  (*While supplies last!) 

Ready to Ignite Your Best Resilient Self?

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