About Me


My Mission & Life Toolbox Overview:

As a Life Coach, I work with brilliant, amazing, successful women in their 50 + years - who've become aware of a distressing void in their happiness and joy, who are out of touch with their whole authentic Self. Who've experienced emotional trauma from betrayal, heartbreak, disconnection -  that has left them in emotions that don't serve their happiness and who are longing for loving support to transcend, integrate and cultivate all that will bring them a new empowered and healed personal agency.

My Mission:

 To be a catalyst for you. To ignite the inner fire of your Warrior's Heart. To illuminate your path from suffering to healing integration - for empowering joy and self-love. The path to Thrive with unshakeable happy-centered-ness, abundance and whole-hearted love.

 I work with amazing people who desire and are committed to - creating & developing their personal power to effect positive-loving change in themselves, their relationships and to their best life - starting from right where they are.


Hello beautiful Being & Welcome!

 I'm Christine Elizabeth Leon and I've been obsessed with understanding what causes and releases us from our emotional pain and ignites our unshakeable access to our own love-joy resilient energy - since I was a kid. Throughout life I have sought to understand and master the process to creating authentic, fulfilling and loving relationships in the game of life. 

500+ self-help books, 100+ self-development courses, a degree in psychology, five life coaching certificate programs, a member of ICF,  a Professional Life Coaching Certification, (C.P.C. : Certified Professional Coach Graduate) from International Coach Federation Accredited Institute for Professional Excellence (iPEC) Coach Training Program - in 2013 (plus transition & relationship training), Positive Psychology Coaching training, Energy Healing Reiki training, EFT training, several real-life earned experience-degrees in relationship-learning from marriages and divorces, 4 loving hospice family final journey care-managements, life experience through betrayal to healing and reclaiming love of life again, and 6 years of coaching woman and men toward their deeper empowered lives.  

Additionally, today at 66, I have Life credibility from experiences toward practical wisdom and practical understanding in the areas of ~ domestic & substance abuse, illness (chronic fatigue, panic attacks, cancer), depression, parenting (bio & step & foster), marriage, single-parenting, divorce, remarriage, long distance relationship skills, PTSD, multi-dimensional grief recovery, personal growth and healing through integration. 

… so all in all I've learned a thing or two. 

The best thing I have learned is that our evolution to our best most loving and empowered Self is a developed, practiced, trained - every day - cultivated process. And that the best experience of it is in partnership with a Life Coach who resonates with YOU. 

Now about me as a coach and author:

I'm a powerfully present high performance coach and a reader of relationship patterns. 

My first book "roots of forgiveness - Find Freedom to Heal in Your Marriage After Betrayal", debuted as a #1 bestseller. In it, I share my secrets ( 8 essential elements) to transform your pain into a self-empowering journey to yourself and expanded love. Honed from my own experience of betrayal to rediscovering a deeper love in my relationship and with myself.  I've helped women in pain to find the freedom to discover a unique path of empowerment for themselves. 

I have been privately coaching for 6+ years and I'm excited to create the next and fuller step into the area of loving service to healing others with new offering to engage with my services. 

When I am not working I can be found traveling to visit my wonderful family and friends, planning my next book, writing handwritten letters, showering and sharing love conversations with senior relatives and friends, and spending time with her sweetheart partner, Steve and our very confident blonde Beagle, Lizzie Lulu. ..And at every opportunity Face-timing with my 4 year old amazing Super Powers grandson, Archer Mays.


Christine Elizabeth Leon
Founder of:  Inspire 5 Action Coaching with Christine

...and Christine Elizabeth Leon Coaching
Certified Life & Relationship Coach (Empowerment Coach)

 CPC - IPEC, ICF Member